5 Adult SEO Tips For Your Website

The internet is host to millions upon millions of adult websites that span across every continent. Every single day more sites are being added to the already-extensive list that the web has garnered over the past few years. Whether you’re a model, website owner, or anyone else who is looking to capitalize on the adult industry that the internet has so graciously hosted, this post will help you achieve your goals and attract new customers. It’s important to remember that adult SEO is pretty different from regular SEO. The industry brings a new dynamic to the world of ranking high and comes with a fresh set of rules that even the most veteran of SEO consultants might not know of. Today we’re gonna show you some of the most effective tactics that you can use to help your business thrive in this complex and ever-changing landscape. If you find it hard to digest this much info in one sitting, we highly advise that you bookmark this article and come back to it as a reference whenever you need a refresher course on one or more specific tactics.

1. Use the right keywords

By now there is an abundance of porn websites that are hosted on the internet. That means that you have to get creative with your SEO tactics. You can’t just stuff your page with the keywords hot, xxx, and porn. Well, technically you can, but you won’t see any half-decent results. Doing the same thing that millions of others have tried is no way to succeed. For true success, you need to innovate. Would Steve Jobs have become the icon that he is known as today if he had spent all his time trying to design the next flip phone? Absolutely not. If you use generalized keywords, you’ll be putting yourself up against not only the biggest websites in the industry but also the millions of beginners who are trying to rank their site. Going niche with your keyword usage is the best way to ensure that you get targeted traffic on your site without having to worry about the competition beating you in the rankings. Stick to long tail keywords — keyphrases that are longer than three words. Even if the content you host on your website is generalized, you should still stick to specific keywords if you don’t have the standing to beat out other competitors.

2. Optimize your meta descriptions and titles

You might be wondering why it even matters whether or not you use the right headings and subheadings on your content. After all, do visitors really pay attention to such trivial elements when going on your site? Well, these headings do matter, but for the search engines, not for your visitors. Search engines rely on these headings to understand what your website is about. After all, the sole purpose of search engines is to provide relevant answers to the questions that people have, but how are they supposed to know whether or not your website is relevant if they can’t even figure out what it’s about? This is why you need to use enough subheadings on your site. Filling out the meta description can make it easier for the search engines to understand your site, but it also helps real people determine whether or not the content you offer is relevant to their needs.

3. Links are golden

Links are the pinnacle of every SEO campaign. Think about it, when you search for something, you’ll often see a Wikipedia page ranking at the top of the results, or damn well close to it. That’s because they have an insane amount of links. The good news is that you don’t have to be as large as Wikipedia to capitalize on the benefits that links have to offer. Getting your content linked back to on other websites that are relevant to the same topic can help you get a lot more traffic than you normally get. Posting your content on social networking sites that allow NSFW content could also help you generate more traffic (we’ll expand on this in the last tip.)

4. Optimize site speed

Site speed is very important, and this general rule becomes even more important in the adult industry. When someone is feeling randy, they have no time to wait for a site to load. They want relevant content, and they want it now. If your site shows previews for its videos, it’s important that these load almost instantly otherwise your visitors may lose interest and look for satisfaction elsewhere.

5. Leverage social media

Okay, so posting pornography on Facebook might not go so well, but there are other social networks that are a bit more accepting to NSFW content. Tumblr has become famous for its lax operating rules. Not only will posting your content on social networking sites give you more exposure, it will also boost your SEO due to the links.