Challenges in SEO Marketing a Adult Website

The world of Adult website marketing and SEO is challenging. Most people believe that in order to successfully use SEO for an adult website, you have to embrace the dark side, that is dabble into black hat SEO. That is fortunately not true. Many adult websites do use blackhat SEO and that makes the playing field challenging, but not impossible; you just have to work smart.

Challenge 1- Tough Competition

The number of adult websites on the internet and their demand is mind boggling. A BBC report mentioned that 14% of all searches made were for pornographic websites. And there are a lot of websites to choose from, and they are increasing day by day. So how do you stand out from the crowd ?

Now Google Adwords has a quite a few restrictions when it comes to adult websites. But there are opportunities too. For example online stores selling sex toys, are good as long as they adhere to Google Adword rules, or even straight up porn sites, as long as they tailor their adverts to Adwords policies. However there is going to be a lot of competition in this niche, especially for the short-tail keywords. So how do you gain a leg-up on the competition? The customer rarely searches by entering one word. Customers will not in most cases start their search by writing just “Porn” or “sex toy”. There will be a longer tailed keyword in most instances. Put yourself in your customers shoes, and think about those long-tailed keywords, for these along with relevant content/offering will help you break out from the crowd. Also the competition in long-tail keywords will be fewer and more easily manageable.

Most good authoritative websites will not want to have links to a adult/porn websites, so there goes the backlinking strategy. Wait, do you admit defeat that easily ? Pornhub for sure does not.

Pornhub has blazed a new trail in marketing for any adult website. It has created content which is so interesting or humorous that it is featured on websites like Mashable and Gizmodo. Their content gets them an amazing reach because of the thought they have put into it. And combine kickass content with amazing PR stunts and you have got a “Pornhub formula” for success.

Lets see two of my favorite examples of content marketing genius. First comes their 1st April stunt. On 1st April, that is April Fools day, they created an entire subset called “Corn Cub”.

You have to admit to find that on a adult website is going to bring out a heartfelt chuckle. And it got people laughing and writing. It got them a good amount of traffic, and this stunt is still being written about so that goes on to show how well remembered it is.

And then there are the PR stunts. After Red Bull pulled off their legendary stratosphere jump, Pornhub started their fundraising campaign called “Sexploration”. They wanted to make the first ever shot in space sex-scene. Their aim was to raise USD 3.4 mil. Although they failed to raise that money, they struck the marketing gold pot. Every big and small media house wrote about their insane aims. PornHub was everywhere. For an adult website no amount of money can buy PR like this.

So even an adult website can make the best of SEO, as long it creates killer content, that people would actually love to read and share. Go humorous, go subliminal and you will have a starting point for the marketing and SEO strategy.