How Important is Social Media in Adult SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a key part of getting your brand in front of as many eyes as possible. Through SEO, you can use various keywords and other strategies to boost your search engine result ranking, with the goal of hitting the first page. There are a ton of SEO strategies that companies use to achieve that goal, from keyword research and the use of alt tags to cleverly written meta descriptions. One often overlooked area is SEO, with many companies in the Adult Industry failing to see exactly how important social media is in SEO.

Social Media Pages Drive Traffic

Perhaps one of the biggest indicators of the importance of social media to SEO is the fact that it can drive traffic to your site. Page views do boost your search engine result ranking, and there is no greater source of free advertising than posting quality content on social media and having your followers share it among their friends. Organic traffic like this, as well as the inbound links you may receive as a result, can help improve your ranking while you implement other SEO practices.

Additionally, social media pages and posts rank on Google. When you search for certain brands, their Twitter or Facebook profiles show up as well as the company’s main site. While these profiles are not ranked the same way as web content, mere visibility alone is enough to generate some traffic to your site. Your readers may have searched for your product, found your Facebook site, read some reviews, and then clicked on the link to your main page to continue interacting with your brand. This kind of traffic and engagement are included in Google’s algorithm, helping your company rank a bit higher.

People Use Social Media for Brand Research

Don’t forget that most consumers want to know something about the brand they are about to buy products or services from. In the process of doing this research, consumers search for companies through Google as well as on social media platforms. They may be looking for your brand by name or might only know what product they are searching for. This is why having active profiles on as many social media platforms as possible is always a good idea, so you don’t miss out on a sale.

Make sure your biographies include relevant keywords as well as other valuable and informative content. A link back to your main site is crucial. If possible, you should also allow the community to engage with your content by enabling comments and responding to those left by visitors.

You should look into getting your accounts verified wherever you can as well. While this does not inherently boost your Google rankings, it does give your brand the appearance of authority on those platforms. Users are more likely to click links posted by verified accounts than unverified ones, since the blue check mark makes your brand seem a lot more legitimate and established than others. This can in turn increase traffic back to your site.

High ROI and Easy Tracking

Social media platforms are free to use for all users, including corporations. This gives you an excellent ROI, making it a very attractive way to market your brand. Simply by creating and sharing valuable content, you can expand readership and increase traffic back to your site. For example, if you share an entertaining and informative post with your followers, they are likely to share it among their friends, who may share it with their friends, and so on. This can result in a lot of traffic on your site, thanks to that one post. The more people who click that link, the more likely it is to appear in your followers’ social media feeds.

Paid promotional content and ads are also a part of most social media platforms, giving you yet another advertising platform. Ads are easy to create and post (you can even use your own content as an ad) and are easily affordable by most brands. Each platform has its own tracking and analytic system, helping you see your ad’s performance in real time, making adjustments as you see fit.

Other Social Media Tips

Make sure you only post valuable content. Never share something for the sake of getting clicks alone, as this can make your feed appear spammy, and may discourage people from following your page. Running contents, by giving away something free in exchange for sharing posts, is a great way to organically build up a following while you wait for your other SEO strategies to take effect.

Ranking organically, that is, through Google alone, can take a considerable amount of time. If you are eager to get your brand off the ground, this kind of delay can be costly. While you should always implement good SEO practices, including providing keyword enriched, valuable content to your audience, you should not overlook the benefits that social media can bring.