Part of achieving our position in search marketing for the adult industry is our wealth of experience in hundreds of PPC (or pay per click advertising) campaigns we’ve carried out for our list of clients.

We believe that PPC is a very valid and high impact form of adult marketing. That is why our PPC team comprises of some of the best researchers, strategists, analysts and account managers in the industry.

We’ll take care of the entire end-to-end process of your PPC campaign from analysing your business to customers clicking through to your site. So if you’re looking for quick results and ROI through a more aggressive approach, find out a bit more about what we do and some of the packages available to you.

Quick Facts

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Over 50% of users click on the first paid ad

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Each time a consumer clicks on your sponsored link, you get charged

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SEM spend is expected to increase from $13.5bn (2008) to $26.1bn (2013). Are you getting left behind?

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90% of user click-throughs come from well constructed ads, so design is very important

4 Easy Steps to Get Started

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Contact us today and provide us with your details

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We will suggest a suitable package for you and explain what you can expect from your campaign

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We will then begin building your campaign and launch it with your approval

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We will provide you with updates and monitor the success of the campaign and evolve as it progresses

PPC Features

Bid Optimisation

We strike the perfect balance when increasing or decreasing bids to deliver on increasing overall ROI. We are Google Engage certified and work in close conjunction with Google to achieve the best results. Combined with our in-house techniques, we ensure that your site is positioned perfectly as well as receives the maximum number of impressions to get the very most out of your budget.

Keyword Generation

We will search our vast database of millions of keywords and uncover which will return the best return on quality traffic for the most cost effective bid price. We are extremely selective when choosing keywords so that we select a broad range of specific keywords to ensure costs are kept low but also allow you to compete effectively.

Ad Copy

We use our specialist in-house copywriters to compose the most engaging and compelling ad text to draw users in to click through to your site. At the same time as giving a clear message as to what the advert is about, so as to deter unwanted clicks.

Display Network

We will build a network of highly relevant websites to drive highly targeted traffic to your site. This attracts the right people who will definitely be interested in visiting your site. The major benefit over traditional advertising is that these adverts will attract the right people who are already visiting similar sites to your own, so you know that they are in the right target audience. We also take care of the production process in the creation of the advertising banners.

Start Increasing Your Revenue Today.